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Be the kachrawala vendor. Use our services to increase your business. For details mail us at info@kachrawal.org or call at ______________________.

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We have potential to supply each kind of scrap and waste. All you need to is name it. For inquiries feel free to contact us at info@kachrawal.org or feel free to call us _________________.

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About Us

We provide great services and ideass

Kacharawala is an initiative by WhopMe Ventures PVT LTD to accomplish the aim of “Sawach Bharat”. It is the supply chain management of waste generated at home and industrial scale.

Kachrawala collect waste and process it further in a way that collected waste can be reduced and processed on the principles of 3-R (Reduce, Reuse and recycle).


Why should I chose Kachrawala?

We will collect Waste, scrap from your home, and recycle it instead of dumping it. This will help in keeping surrounding clean, protect of generation of diseases and provide employment to many unprivileged people.

Why should I donate?

As we consider this a social responsibility that unprivileged children deserve good education and nutritious food. So this money will use for well fare of unprivileged children.

How to book Kachra (waste) pick up?

Click on pick now (hyperlink pick) button or call ____________

Do I need to pay for Kachra (waste) pick up?

Yes, you have to pay for waste pick up as per charge.

How will you pick Kachra?

The kachrawala will come arrive on available slot ring your bell/call you up.

How to pay for Kachra Pickup?

You can pay online or pay in cash at pay option (hyperlink)

What is different between waste and scrap?

Waste is anything produced everyday needed to be disposed. Scrap is type of waste, which have some resalable value e.g.- Tin cans, Glass bottles.

Will I get money for scrap?

Yes, as per present market rate of scrap.

How will I paid for scrap?

You can ask direct bank transfer, mobile wallet or collect cash at the time of pickup.

How to book scrap pick up?

Estimate scrap size and book scrap pick up.


Your donations will be used for the education of unprivileged children.

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